Monday, 15 March 2010

Klarples (or Happy Mothering Sunday)

Ooh one has let oneself slip a little in the blogging department hasn't one? Reasons: too much making merry and... no that's it... See the thing with a lotta drink is not the act itself but, as most of us know only too well, the recovery time. I was so rough this morning... I was pretty 'unstable' at badminton lol. I played really well again (even if I do say so myself!). Played one of the high ranking guys who is really skilled and managed to score 19 out of 21 points against him. He had to use a racket he wasn't used to, and I'm pretty sure he was giving me easy serves, but I'm still proud of that. In the other games that I lost, I was having such incredible fun that I still feel like a winner (cringe cheese). I have a theory about performing well after a night out: alcohol dehydrates the body. Thus, if you have a bad hangover, the body recognises its disadvantage and aids your energy/concentration somehow. I guess it's kinda like a survival instinct... I know what I mean anyway...

Played extremely poorly at pool in the bar after badminton I must confess! Must have been due to the non-alcoholic beverages I consumed. I had my tea from the diner: chicken burger with chesse, lettuce and mayo, plus a portion of chips. I then felt hungry later on and had another portion of chips. That is fat. I'm in serious danger of becoming a blimp! My excuse, apart from the fact I was training hard, was that the drinking the night before carried on til 0500-0600hrs, so I had a debt of energy due to being awake so long, and that debt needed food to cancel it.

Tomorrow I'm gonna send my extra large fedora back and await a large one in return, go to my creative writing seminar, do some shopping (yep, cupboards are empty again!), get my beard trimmed (above is a picture showing how shaggy it's getting) and watch Liverpool play Portsmouth. I've had so much stick for supporting Liverpool today it was untrue: so many comments about how bad this season has been... Well all I've got now is a flickering of hope. We can do it, come on red men!

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