Thursday, 4 March 2010


Sweet baby Jesus... Another poor night out... People text you asking for 'a couple of pints' or whatever, and expect allsorts afterwards... I need to stop being so bloody naiive. I should believe Freud (and I'm paraphrasing a very small amount of knowledge here), everyone has alternate meanings when they say something: alternate meanings that reflect their suppressed id, rather than their social consciousness. Therefore 'fancy coming out for a couple of pints?' means, 'I'm bored, I've got stuff I wanna get off my chest, fancy being my bitch for the night'... Argh... I know if my friend is reading this now, he aint gonna be my friend no longer... Well, he wants to get his end away tonight so good luck to him...
I missed a valuable reading at the university's theatre tonight. Genuinely really annoyed about it, but I'd forgotten it was going on until the aforementioned mate started making plans... It's really bad though because you learn a lot from readings from published authors (and no doubt from non-published authors too...). Well, there aint nothing I can do now 'cept wait for the fallout of not doing my duty...
Sure I had something else to say, but I can't remember so I'm off. Hope you're enjoying your life.


  1. I am sure your friend (and the baby jesus) appreciates your sacrifice.

    I know this is going to rub salt into your already very open and angry wounds, but the reading was really good. I can recommend buying Jenn's book A Kind of Intimacy, because she read a few bits from it and it's really funny.

    Also, maybe if we ask Ailsa maybe we could get her to come back again.

    I'm going to be quiet now in case I make things worse...!

  2. Ah ye could never make things worse! I've taken your advice and A Kind of Intimacy is on order from Blackwells at the mo!

  3. I'm going to put my order in this weekend for Jenn's book, I can't wait to read it, I'm hoping I will get the chance over the summer, if not before. I just hope my writing will be a tenth of the brilliance hers is.


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