Monday, 22 March 2010


Quite a lot to catch up on here...
Had work to do on Wednesday so couldn't celebrate my first St. Patrick's day where I can legally drink. Had loadsa trouble sleeping that night in preparation for my 24 hour take-away test paper.
Thursday was the 'big day.' Got my 5 minute film script finished and submitted. It wasn't too bad, we'll see what mark it gets. Downloaded the test paper around 1100 hours and did a whole bunch of researching and typing. Started struggling at 0630 Friday morning so got some sleep. Up aroung 0900, finished the essay, submitted it and went to a lovely Shakespeare-orientated seminar and lecture. Played pool with Dolly Peg after the lecture and she thrashed me! Got beaten at the table later on by badminton mates coz I went to the bar with them after an extra badminton session earlier. Thinking about giving up pool...
Saturday: parents and an aunt came down for me birthday. We went into Liverpool, had drinks at 'The Philharmonic' (a reet classy, old pub with a toilet that's listed by the National Trust!), bit of shopping (Liverpool FC store, where I got a scarf, and Primark coz I never go clothes shopping and my clothes are all old, small and crappy), lunch in 'Spoons, tea at a Chinese restaurant (had the best Chinese food ever), a few more drinks here and there and then slept over in a hotel.
Sunday: went to The Beatles' story, which were pretty nice, then watched the Liverpool v United game (a sorry 2-1 loss, but not for lack of trying. More for the abundance of poor decisions, especially with respect to giving United a penalty after what looked like Valencia diving after Mascherano's antics) and then went back to uni to pick up some stuff before going home.

That's where I am this Monday. FIFA 10 on PS2 is pretty poor and I'm looking forward to seeing old mates. That's it.
Until next time...

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  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday weekend.

    Don't give up pool...I so didn't thrash you, you beat me! hahahaha I had a great time.


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