Tuesday, 30 March 2010

I Feel Pretty Warm

Hmm, a title that is just descriptive of how I'm feeling... Dunno if that works.

Anyways, it's been a while since the last blog. Been pretty busy and the internet not working didn't help so much. Hard to believe a whole week and a third of the holiday has gone already. Time is often like a handful of sand to me, the grains slipping quickly through my fingers. Of course, they obey the regular 9.81 m/s acceleration due to gravity, but it seems like they flee from me more quicklee.

Yeah... Been splashing some birthday cash on a bit of badminton gear (shorts and trainers) and other bits of clothing. Saw the Liverpool v Sunderland game (a fantastic 3-0 stuffing, involving lots of one-touch football, skillful control and sturdy defence. Torres' opener was a real magical and kinda phantom goal, truly one of a kind and absolutely breathtaking!) which provided some top class banter with the barman. A couple of badminton seshes with family and friends, both with plastic shuttlecocks much to my chagrin (what a word lol... 'Chagrin...'), which weren't stunning but there ye go. Last night I was out in Lancaster with many of me old buddies, put a fair few jars away and walked back home along the cycle path (my legs are stiffer than all hell I can tell ya: 2 days playing badminton, dancing around like an idiot in clubs and then a 4+ mile walk in the wee small hours...). So I've been having a great time really! Today was spent getting over the night before. I watched Measure for Measure (the BBC version) which wasn't exactly thrilling. A competent performance really... No ringing endorsement available.

Disappointed that the physicists messing around with the large hadron collider today didn't end the world, that would have solved a lot of problems... Speaking of which, a big shout out to Lily Asquith. You go girlfriend!

To round up: the song that's been stuck in me head today is 'My Girl' by The Temptations. Some lovely Motown class there. I'll leave you with the news that Steiber and Company are releasing a new range of vibrating fireplaces next week and they should be hitting shops here in the UK very soon.


  1. I was following the tweets about the LHC today, its fascinating but my GCSE physics doesn't really stretch that far, lol. Have you been watching Wonders of the Solar System with Prof Brian Cox, it's absolutely amazing to watch.

    Vibrating fireplaces???

  2. Ah no I haven't actually! My A-Level Physics has put me off the whole affair haha!


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