Monday, 1 March 2010

Stuffed Pasta and Gravy

You know, when watching The Sopranos one time, I heard Paulie talk about having some gravy with his pasta. Now I know in that sense, gravy is tomato sauce, not like British gravy. Nevertheless, I tried stuffed pasta with 'proper' gravy, and it's reet nice! I put mayonnaise in today, too, coz I think gravy and mayo is kewl, but obviously that's a bridge too far for some. EXPAND YOUR MINDS DUDES! I wouldv'e put a picture up, but I ate it too quick...
Saw Smoking Aces today, bit disappointed due to having huge expectations of the cast (Ray Liotta chief among them). It's not the most cerebral film ever (though it aspired to be more so than your common or garden action film), but the weird twists and turns about who was really who, and why people wanted what doing was hard to get my head around really. Doesn't help that I'm not the most intelligent person out there, but hey! Someone's gotta be bottom of the pile...
Found out a lovely lass from my course has her own blog on, you can check that out at
Well, I'm listening to Elvis again and I'm gonna do some mo' work! See ya!

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  1. Why thank you for the free advertising of my little bloggy spot. I hope your readers are liking it. I shall be sure to return the favour. :-)


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