Monday, 8 March 2010


Oh my, I've missed a days bloggin'! That's mainly coz I wanted to blog about something I'd been talking about with mates, but I decided it were inappropriate. Currently boppin' along to 'Fresh, Fly, Wild and Bold' by the Cold Crush Brothers, what a delightful piece of 80s cheese! Erm yeah, enough of that. Bopping in a chair may seem harmless enough, but it is the number one cause of knocking stuff off a table or desk, so don't do it. At least it's better than my 'public dancing'. I call it public, but by the Criminal Dancing Act 1987 (Section 3 paragraph 2), it aint fit for public consumption. It often results in people walking away from me as if they don't know me...

Speaking of embarassing, guess who just went to print some stuff off in Edge Hill's LINC building without a uni card to get him access? Yup, me. There were people in my hall's common room (yes, even past 0100hrs. This is a Sunday, y'see, which is one of the best nights to go out at uni... Talk about not keeping the Sabbath...) but I don't think they cottoned on to my faux pas so hey.

How well does sarcasm get across on this doobery?
What's going on?


  1. The 80's were a fantastic time for was well dodgy, musically, bloody marvellous. Lol

    Chair dancing is the way forward! :-)

  2. Ha yeah the 80s be one of me fave decades in music, despite being born a little out of it.

  3. I was born a lot out of it, child born of the 70's me! hahaha


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