Thursday, 18 March 2010


Erm yeah so I finished my 5 minute script assignment a while ago. I've done redrafts and all the rest, I'm just looking over it for technical problems and then I reckon I'll be as happy as I can be with it. If us creative writers redrafted as much as we wanted to, we'd never let our work go for publishing. So tomorrow (or later today to be accurate i.e. after I've slept) I gotta do my self-assessment and annotated bibliography so all is pretty much well.

I need a shower then too

After I've slept, I'll have my 24 hour take-away test paper from my literature module to contend with. We've been given 24 hours (from around 1100 hours tomorrow til the same time next day) to write 2,000 words, plus or minus 10%. Hmmm. Probably not best to try and get worked up about it before sleep but, judging by the St. Patrick's Day celebrators making racket nearby, it'll be a while before I drop off... This paper is on renaissance poetry. I know what you're thinking; we all know so much about this topic that anyone could do this assignment in no time, but I still worry...

I think I actually had something interesting to write about today. I wrote it down too. Can't find it now though :-(

I'll just leave you with this thought: how amazing would every sport be if an egg and spoon was somehow incorporated. Footballer's goals would only stand if their egg was on their spoon when the ball crossed the line and penaltys would be given if an egg fell off inside the box. Tennis players would serve boiled eggs to each other. Cricketers would try to avoid 'eggs before wicket.' Rugby players would just crush a load of eggs... Contact sports would obviously be the messiest...

Pictured is a worn-out me wearing green in honour of St. Patrick who, I confess, I know nothing about... Oh and thanks today (yeah yesterday if we wanna be pedantic) to Jess - who is hopefully coming to Edge Hill next year - for semi-successfully getting Eminem's 'Guess Who's Back' stuck in me head.

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  1. Good luck with the exam, I'm sure you will be absolutely fine with it. :-)


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